The Difference Between Fitness And Health

As many of you already know, fitness and health are two completely different things. Both are conditions and that is the only thing they have in common. Fitness would be defined the best as a condition that could be measured and is predefined by genetics. On the other hand, health is difficult to define or measure. it is not a simple absence of any illness, it is a particular set of factors like social well being, mental and physical state, all in one. This set of factors represents the vitality level of one individual.

Definitions of fitness and health

HealthThere is one more definition that describes what fitness is more closely. It is revolving around the ability to perform any kind of work with satisfactory results in order to maintain the shape and the form of your body and health, as well. We already mentioned the levels of vitality which can be high or low. Fitness is a thing that a person chooses to work on and maintain. They can maintain their health as well but, health is not a matter of choice. Either you are healthy, either you are not.

Fitness also revolves around social context and personal inclination. It actually depends on these two. It is true that health and fitness are closely related. It is safe to say that you will be healthier if you work out. But fitness does not necessarily have to mean that you will be healthy. There is also a definition where health has been described as the state of your body and its systems. The body can not function if it is not healthy.

You could say that being healthy means being fit simply because health allows you to exercise and exercising makes you fit. Hence the close relationship between these two. One could assume that fitness could be a category of health because it includes strength and cardio training. The difference is small but it is there for sure.

You could put all things like this, you can express your health state with blood results and levels of cholesterol and sugar while you can express your fitness level by the shape of your body and the condition of your muscles. That way, fitness is more of a thing on the outside while health is more of a thing on the inside. Of course, fitness is more focused on how you look than on how you feel even though, people tend to say that if you look good then you feel good and vice versa.

Fitness is more involved with your physiques while health is dealing with the functionality of your body. Working out too much could endanger your health just like no exercise at all can endanger your health. These two are very closely connected and if you pay attention to both of these factors, you will make sure that your mental and physical condition are both in the greatest shape they can possibly be.